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Dear Prospective Battery Saver Dealers & Distributors:

Thank you for your interest in the Battery Saver™ line of battery tools.

Our Company manufactures a state-of-the-art selection of products designed to charge, test, monitor, maintain and, in many cases, revive most types of motor vehicle batteries. The units are computer controlled and utilize our proprietary Auto-Pulse Technology providing the most technologically advanced and easy to use solution available today. We are looking for dealers and distributors interested in benefiting from the rapidly accelerating growth of this new and highly advanced technology product.

Our dealer and distributor programs offer significant purchase discounts to fit your specific needs. Programs ranging from single dealer outlets to exclusive distributor territories with multi-dealer oversight are available. The financial commitment is minimal while the profit potential is quite significant.

Sales support is available via training, display materials, product brochures, sales literature and everything else to assist in marketing the products. Training can be very comprehensive including the basics on how to set-up your business, securing licenses, certificates, point-of-sale technology as well as identifying and securing new customers. In addition, we offer guidance and training in how to sell the products, how batteries work and how we solve battery related problems with our products.

Our products have been very successfully marketed through a variety of channels. One such channel is motor vehicle related shows, auctions and events. Selling these products at shows is both rewarding and extremely lucrative with minimal out of pocket expense such as show fees, signage, table covers, chairs and some miscellaneous related items (i.e. demonstration batteries). Now you can have a business without the overhead of a showroom or retail location.

The potential market for our products is endless. In today’s world, there are an innumerous number of vehicles that incorporate a battery in their design–including but is certainly not limited to: hot rods, trucks, motor homes, boats, collector cars, industrial and warehouse equipment, motorcycles, airplanes, mowers, golf-carts, electric cars, generators, mobility carts, snowmobiles, ATV’s and the list just keeps on going.

For additional information please contact me directly at 602-717-7800. It is easy to get started with this line of products that is the most technologically advanced solution to most battery problems and diagnostic issues.

Best regards,
Max Ramras
National Distributor for Save A Battery
President, R2 Battery Saver

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