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  • Rugged Geek RG2000 SPORT 2000A Portable 12V Jump Starter/Booster Pack and Power Supply with LED Display, INTELLIBOOST Smart Cables, LED Flashlight, 60W USB Type-C Charging. IP66 Rated.
  • The NEW INTELLIBOOST RG1000 SAFETY PLUS (with Air Compressor) Lithium Emergency Jump Starter and Portable Power Supply features class-leading construction with a unique design perfected in North America for the ultimate in safety and convenience.
  • The RUGGED GEEK® RG1200 Safety 1200A Portable 12V Jump Starter and Power Supply is a must have for when you are out on the water or for everyday driving. All the latest technology, with 1200 Amps of peak boosting power, wireless charging, an LED display, quality metal frame clamps, a bright LED flashlight, the latest Type-C in/out ports, 2x high-speed USB Type-A ports, you will find many uses for this product. All packed in a compact carrying case, so it will be with you when you need it. RUGGED GEEK® jump starters are the only ones on the market featuring INTELLIBOOST® technology taking the risk and fear out of jump starting by ensuring power only flows when it is safe to do so. INTELLIBOOST® makes it safe and easy to get you back on the road or the water. Don't be stuck trying to flag down a stranger or signal another boater. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your time, waiting for a tow truck or help on the water. With the RG1200 Safety Plus, you can boost your own vehicle safely and be on your way in seconds.
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