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Battery Saver products charge, maintain and condition all battery types using our proprietary AUTO-PULSE TECHNOLOGY. A uniquely programmed microprocessor chip makes intelligent decisions specifically designed to extend battery life. Simply plug the charger into a battery to automatically Pulse-Charge, de-sulfate and monitor the process. Utilizing the charger’s Advanced “DEEP CYCLE” Circuitry, our products are capable of reviving weak or dead batteries by adding deep-cycle reconditioning to the charging process.

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by Ron Weberg on r2 Battery Saver
Good product, fair price!

I saw you guys at the Loveland CO Good-guys car show last year and later purchased a Battery Saver when we were leaving Loveland for Carefree, AZ. I was somewhat skeptical of its performance before we left to go to Carefree, but I want you to know that when we got back to Loveland after six months that the car that I had used the Battery Saver on started up first time! I am now a believer and plan to use the Battery Saver each time that we are away from home for an extended period of time! Thanks again for promoting a good reliable product at a fair price!

by Robert Shaffner on r2 Battery Saver
1938 Cadillac V-16

At last—a 6 Volt charger that restores as well as charges! Like most guys who own vintage cars, my 1938 Cadillac V-16 sits most of the time and is only driven occasionally. While it sits I keep a single trickle charger hooked up to its two 6 Volt batteries wired in parallel (the original one under the seat and the one added to boost the fender well). The Battery Saver, "All-In-One" 6 Volt version is ideal for this since the 50 Watt output is more than enough to keep 2 batteries alive and happy—plus, it provides a special pulse circuit to minimize sulfuric build-up on the plates and the resultant particle build-up in the bottom of the battery case which leads to shorts.

by Art Dykeman on r2 Battery Saver
Jump at Off-Road Expo Arizona

Today while volunteering for the American Sand Association at the Off-Road Expo Arizona at Westworld of Scottsdale we ran into a problem during pack up. It seems that the ignition was left on an had drained the battery to a point where it wouldn’t start. At first we were going to try and push it out but I remembered I saw the R2 Battery Saver booth a little further down the aisle. Max was packing up but I asked if he could get us out of a huge jamb. Without hesitation Max went out to his truck, which was already packed up, to find the right jump starter to help us out. After some confusion about what we were going to do he hooked up the jump starter and the RZR fired right up. After seeing this gear in action I will be placing my order for one. Much thanks for all the help from the volunteers at the ASA booth this afternoon.

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